Crispy Hominy Corn Nuts|6

House Pickles|6

Spiced Chicharrones|8

Spiced Pumkin Seeds|6


Under The Sea

Dressed Oysters|16

charred meyer lemon granita & herb oil

Grilled Calamari|15

roasted summer squash, oregano chimchurri & watercress

Halibut Ceviche|18

serrano cucumber vinaigrette, fresh citrus & espelette rice crackers

Shrimp "Brandade" Croquettes|15

roasted tomato broth & pickled pepper salsa

On The Land

Crispy Brussels & Delicata Squash|15

pepper crema & lemon-chili vinaigrette

Roasted Cauliflower|15

sunflower seed puree, spiced butter & green garlic flatbread

Handmade "Burrata"|17

Bernal Bakery sourdough, citrus ricotta, crispy serrano ham, berry reduction

Crispy Butterball "Papas Bravas"|15

sofrito aioli, annatto garlic oil, Aleppo spice mix

Grilled Pork Skewers|15

Pork pinchos, spicy "pique" vinegar & grilled bread

Pork Belly Sliders|15

pan "sobao" buns, garlic salsa verde & adobo spiced potato chips

Machaca Beef on Stuffed Corn Tortilla|15

braised beef, avocado crema & pickled padron peppers

Large Plates

Seared Striped Bass|30

charred leek soubise, roasted sunchokes & chive oil

Smokey Polenta w/ Sofrito Braised Chicken|24

Anson Mills polenta, smoked butter & chili oil

Grilled Ribeye|42

romano beans, grilled peppers, oyster mushrooms & local greens


Fried Coconut Pudding|12

"Tembleque", guava glaze, orange curd

Passion Fruit Flan|12

vanilla tuile, caramel

Mexican Chocolate Suspiro|12

spiced custard, amaro toasted merengue, chocolate "caviar"

House Made Ice Cream|12

house made roasted cherry ice cream, macadamia nut crumble & rum cherry reduction

8% SF Mandate charge added to all checks