The Black Cat Is Curious…

(9 questions, of course, with a bonus 10th)

1. What things are inspiring your creative energy in this moment? 

People. The human experience is in a new space and it’s caused us all to find things that generate   positive emotion. I’m using that in everything I do. Especially my writing process.

2. What music have you been listening to recently?

I’ve been listening to Drake and Cleo Sol.

     3. What set you on your life’s path in music?

Musicians run in my family so I’ve always been around the life. Seeing someone be able to do something makes it easier to see how realistic it is if you work toward it.

      4. What artist (living or dead) would you like to share a stage with for one night, and why? 

I would love to share the stage with John Coltrane. He’s just the artist I’ve studied and loved the most. From transcribing his solos to his songs being the soundtracks to my kids births. I just appreciate him and his calling greatly.

      5. Your favorite vinyl is spinning.  What are you drinking? 

Pinot Grigio.

      6. Likely there are many…but name one person/place/thing that has helped shape you as an artist? 

Robert Glasper is a great friend of mine and I use him in this case because he did what many of us musicians dreamed to do early on. He’s brought me into some really great situations as well.

       7. You get one album to take to your desert island.  Name it. 

A Love Supreme

       8. What is a musical or creative moment you’ll always remember?

There are many, but I’d say touring with D’Angelo was one of the highest musical experiences for me.

       9. We’re stoked to have you on stage at Black Cat!  What are you envisioning for your time with us?

There’s always so much love at Black Cat! If I wasn’t a musician I would hang out there. It’s the crossroads between love and soul. We all meet there.

10. The Pandemic has affected all of us.  How has it affected both you personally and your music?    

The pandemic has given me an even deeper appreciation for the human experience. Love is the key and the highest priority for me. I make music as a service and I’m thankful to be able to add joy to people’s lives for a living.